Free Online Course: Mandatory Review of Medical Research

New free online course theme: ‘Mandatory Review of Medical Research’ and improved Committee Finder tool
CCMO/Paul Janssen Futurelab Leiden Press Release. March 12, 2018

Last year the CCMO (Dutch Central Committee on Research Involving Human Subjects) and Paul Janssen Futurelab (a new initiative from Leiden University Medical Center) started a collaboration to develop a new and free online course about clinical research in the Netherlands. This online course, in English, offers training for national and international clinical researchers, Clinical Research Associates (CRAs), company employees, and (candidate) members of the Dutch Medical Research Ethics Committees (Dutch abbreviation METC) and their staff on the current legal and regulatory framework for clinical research in the Netherlands and does so in an inspiring way.

The first theme of the course, ‘Explaining the Dutch Review System’, has been available since July last year. Today (March 12, 2018) the second theme ‘The mandatory review of medical research’ which addresses the scope of the Dutch Medical Research Involving Human Subjects Act (Dutch abbreviation WMO) is now open for use. The theme explains when the WMO applies to clinical research and what other reviewing systems are in place when the WMO does not apply. With our courses, we try to inspire and engage participants by using a repertoire of educational tools such as animations, readings, articles, infographics, tools, videos and quizzes. More themes will become available later this year.

The online course now contains a new and more extensive version of the “Committee Finder” tool. Based on several queries (e.g. study population, product and research type), the tool enables clinical researchers to quickly find the reviewing committee and competent authority where to submit their research file and shows which other organisations are involved in the approval process. The tool may be used for free independently of the course.

The entire course is freely available on the Paul Janssen Futurelab Leiden website.

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