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Pharmacology Education – Clinical Pharmacology

The IUPHAR Pharmacology Education Project for learners in pharmacology and clinical pharmacology is a freely accessible online learning resource intended to support education and training in pharmacological sciences worldwide. This section, on Clinical Pharmacology, covers the basic principles of pharmacology, clinical pharmacology and toxicology that underpin rational prescribing. These resources will introduce learners to some of the important generic principles of clinical pharmacology that apply to all areas of therapeutics.

CritIC – Critical info on critical care

CritIC provides free educational YouTube videos on internal medicine, focussing on acute and critical care. Topics include primary medical assessment, fluid and electrolyte disorders, applied clinical pharmacology and toxicology, and various topics in critical care. Two playlists – The Pharmacokinetics Series and The Tox Series – are especially interesting for clinical pharmacologists (in training) and are embedded below. In addition, the channel provides short video’s – One Critical Minute – on specific drugs, which can be found in the Uppers // Sympathomimetics and the Downers // Opioids & Sedatives playlists.